This way it was Isostopy's step along 360 º Barcelona VR Fest
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This way we live the 360 º Barcelona VR Fest

Revolution, impressive, amazing! Probably these have been the words most repeated during the weekend between the walls of the Arts Santa Mónica of Barcelona, headquarters of the Movistar 360 º Virtual Reality Fest, the first festival of Virtual Reality and VR cinema in Spain.

It is known that to the first festival of cinema of the history, in Venice, scarcely came a few dozens of persons. It were the 30s and, though the cinematographic industry was growing by leaps and bounds, the cinema was a thing of a handful of visionaries ready to change the entertainment of the population to blow of technical advances and creation of contents.

Undoubtedly, the festival lived this weekend make a significant step towards ahead in the diffusion of the Virtual Reality and his possibilities between public and companies. And test of it are the faces of many visitors who were putting on a few glasses to enter the virtual world for first time.


Isostopy’s stand in 360 Barcelona VR Fest


Isostopy’s full presence: stand, showroom and it confers

Besides a contest of cinema in VR, the festival organized diverse round tables and workshops where the most relevant companies of the sector showed his last works to the assistants. And there we were Isostopy equipment with our glasses, equipments, cameras and other paraphernalia to show our last works to the public, always ready to claim the importance of Virtual Reality and his usefulness at the time of giving solutions day to day to the companies.

Also we were invited, on Saturday, to give a workshop about VR that was given by Fernando Gómez (CTO), in where the assistants could learn in slightly less than three hours to design his own video game with Unity.

The same evening, our CEO Javier Escorihuela, was busy moving Isostopy’s vision before the new managerial challenges that demand the use of the Virtual Reality.

After two days chatting, spreading and learning, we went away of Barcelona exhausted. We are filled with enthusiasm of credit could to verify how the virtual reality he inspires love wherever it goes. Especially of seeing as our work was recognized by so many people and so many visitors who cross our stand.

We are already preparing the suitcases for our next event: on March 12 we will be in Valladolid, in Medina Film Festival, where we have a great surprise prepared for all the assistants who come to the principal contest of shorts of Spain.

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