The definitive guide to buy a few glasses of Virtual Reality in 2017
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2017, key year for the commercialization of those virtual reality glasses.

If 2016 was the year 0 of the virtual reality, that is to say, the moment in which it began his real irruption in the life of companies and consumers, in 2017 we will be present at the definitive takeoff of this technology. At least, that augur the experts.

According to the consulting Canalys, this year, will be sold near two million units of glasses of high range, number that will grow up to reaching 20 million devices in 2020.

If you are an authentic geek and, in addition, you are passionate about virtual reality we are sure that you already have raised the possibility of buying a VR glasses to begin to live through hiperimmersive experiences.

To help you to choose the best device, according to your budget or the equipment which you possess. We have developed this guide who will answer your doubts about the alternatives that you can find on the market.

Glasses VR for PC VS glasses for Smarthpone, what are differences?

First of all, we have to clarify a few things. There are two different models of VR glasses . On one hand, there are the devices of high performance. These include own screen and sensors, but they need to connect to an external device (a PC or a video game consol) to receive the images. They need from a powerful processor and graphical card that smartphones still do not have. In exchange, they offer a great quality and hiperimmersive experiences. 

They are easily identifiable for the plug wires that join the hull and the equipment. Nowadays, it been working at the development of wireless devices.

In this group would be included: Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR, which work with Sony’s known console.

If you are fan of Mac, we have bad news for you: none of these glasses is compatible with the brand of the apple.

On the other hand, we have those glasses that need a Smartphone to be able to work. Though they offer a minor quality, and therefore, the experiences are fewer immersive, have a much more affordable price for the consumer. Like we will see, the indisputable leader in this sector is Google, with different products on the market, followed by Samsung.

In this group, we can include a variant low cost, that are the cardboard glasses, which price, less than two euros, facilitattes the entry of many users to the virtual reality.

On this first post, which will configure the guide of VR glasses 2017, we will start talking about the devices connected to a PC or video game console (those who do not work with a mobile phone, in order that we understand each other). We will show you a relation of the principal models, his characteristics and an illustrative price.


Glasses RV without processor (connected to a PC or to a console of video games)

Even with more options on the market, in this article we will focused in three devices most emphasized commercial. Not only because after them are companies as powerful as Facebook, HTC or Sony, just because, between them, they distributed in 2016 almost the totality of the sales.




Developed by Oculus VR, the Rift are glasses capable of recreating images in 3D and showing different perspectives depending on the movements of your head, for what it offers a personalized follow-up in 360 degrees and a very intuitive experience.

Though it was born with the aim to turn into the modal of the sector, the reality is that the sales in 2016 stayed far from Mark Zuckerberg’s expectations, which in 2014 he paid 2.000 million dollars to have with the developer company of these devices. This would explain the recent descent of price to make them more competitive.

Its principal point to favor is that it possesses the most wide catalogue of applications.

What includes the packaging sale :

  1. Hull VR Oculus Rift with power connectors, HDMI and USB for his functioning
  2. 1 Xbox One control

  3. 1 Moving sensor

  4. Remote control for navigation device

  5. Headphones included in the frame of the glasses

  6. Juego Lucky´s Tale

    Accessories Extra:

– Oculus Touch (2 wireless controls of high precision)


Illustrative price:

Basic Pack Oculus Rift: 589€
Oculus Touch: 119€


HTC Vive is the result of the collaboration between HTC and Valve. It is the device of virtual reality technically most advanced in the current market. Its principal characteristic is the zonal detection and playing with the movement of the user for a pre-established real area. It have more than 70 installed sensors, which allows to cover the 360 º without blind spots.


They are the most expensive option of this group, but also the one that offers a more interesting experience, thanks to the aptitude to move for the whole room. Up to the exit to the market of the Oculus Touch it was the only solution that, in addition, was allowing to interact in different ways  thanks to his controls.

What includes the packaging sale:

  • Helmet HTC Vive
  • 2 Base stations

  • 2 Estaciones base
  • Link Box
  • Earbuds
  • Vive accessories

Illustrative price: 



More than one million units sold from his launch in October, 2016, Playstation’s glasses are the most successful product of the sector. Between other reasons for his price, much more competitive than his competitors. It is also the least powerful option.

An other differs with the HTC or the Oculus is that it does not use as engine a PC but it is needed the PS4. In addition, it needs a special chamber of capture of the movement, for what there would be necessary to tint the affirmation of being the most economic product if we bear in mind that in order that it works we need to buy unavoidably these elements if we do not possess them before.

They are a few showy but very comfortable glasses, which combined with the earphones offers an  almost complete immersion in the game.

Besides the traditional video game option, It count with the cinematic mode for watched one of movies across compatible apps, as Netflix, reproduction multimedia of 360 degrees and Blu-ray’s vision 3D.

One of the principal critiques that the users do is the dizziness called in the world virtual VR reality sickness, which produce these glasses to some persons in certain games. Though this problem is not exclusive of the Playstation VR, probably it is more accused here that in other devices due to the dynamics of movement and drafts that have the video games.

What includes the packaging sale:

  • PlayStation VR helmet
  • Unit of processor

  • Stereo headphones

  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Adapter and power connector AC

  • Adapter of connection of RV’s hull

    Necessary requirements to use the Playstation VR:

  • PS4 (Price: 300€)


  • PlayStation Camera, which makes possible the precise follow-up (Price: 55 €)


Accessories extra:

  • PS VR gun control. Weapon to play inside the virtual world

  • PlayStation Move. Controls of movement that allow to interact without effort with the environment of virtual reality, imitating the gestures of the real world.

  • Plantronics RIG 4VR. They are an earphones designed as complement for the hull.

Orientative price:

PlayStation VR: 400€
PlayStation VR + PS4 + PlayStation Camera: 750€



Even though the previous brands are the biggest modals on the market, exist also other devices, generally developed for start ups that surely will be obtaining a better market share in a few next years. We want to emphasize you two models:


The company Razer proposes with this device to enter in the ecosystem of Virtual Reality with a hardware of opened code orientated to the experience of the game.

Price: 499€





Developed by the Spanish company Inmersión VRELIA, still is not dates for his acquisition, though already it is possible to reserve the device across the web of the company. It includes integrated hulls and a resolution of 1080x1920x2.

Price: Not available 



In our next post we will continue talking about VR glasses for Smartphones, with special attention to the most prominent devices: Samsung Galaxy Gear VR and Google Daydream View.

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