Isostopy | Virtual, Augmented and Mixed experiences for companies
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Virtual reality solutions for companies

We design experiences and build new digital worlds in virtual, augmented and mixed reality


We develop projects that help our clients to transform their work into an immersive, hyper realistic and unforgettable experience that brings their vision closer than ever before to their audience.

What we do


Develop of constructions and interior spaces for real estate promotion and interior design projects


Unforgettable interaction with products and brands integrated in advertising projects and market research


Virtual technology applied to the industrial companies to improve their efficiency, save costs and train workers without risks


Innovative solutions in the hotel industry and travel agencies with which to seduce the consumer


Exploration of the pedagogical possibilities provided by the VR and AR to facilitate the understanding of contents and didactic formats


Virtual recreation of archaeological sites to recovery of our heritage legacy. We give life to the past


Articles & news