Visualization of the redesign of Tetra Pack's offices
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Tetra Pak´s offices redesign

Customizing the space in real time.

The consultant Ubicca approached us with a very clear problem. In the process of designing the new Tetra Pak offices, the customer was not able to clearly visualize the different design options available.

In record time and working hand in hand with the architects of the company, we developed an application that allowed to visualize the different options of the reform of the offices and to choose between different finishes, in an intuitive and immersive way.

In this way, we eliminated a barrier of communication between company and client, giving the latter a greater confidence in the process and the final result. In addition, this allows to accelerate the project times, with the corresponding reduction in costs.




Working with Isostopy has been really positive for our company. The proactivity of the team to find solutions and adapt to our needs was a constant in the project. Now we can say that betting on virtual reality has clear and profitable returns. I recommend this tool.

Luis Benito - Architect in Ubicca

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