Knows the differences between Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
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Knows the differences between Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Much is spoken in the last years about the potential that the different types of reality offer in numerous sectors. Companies of different areas rub their hands before the panorama of new possibilities that offers this technology to improve its day a day. In addition, the fact that the principal technological companies of the world are investing and experimenting on these advances it puts us on the track what is for coming.

Virtual reality is, today, the environment that more developing is given his commercial and social acceptance. Nevertheless, not all the experts believe that this environment is going to continue being the principal modal in the next years. It is those who see in the augmented reality still major possibilities and especially those who defend that the mixed one will be the indisputable queen in our lives from here to less than a lustrum.

But, what contribute each of these sciences and in what do they differ?

Virtual Reality (VR)

The immersive experiencia with the VR is total. It eliminates any type of reference to the physical environment and we submerge in a created computing  environment of recreating any type of space. Do you you want to walk along Moria’s mine from the Master of the Rings? Put on an Oculus and you will feel like one more of the Company of the ring.

To be able to enjoy this environment is necessary to use hulls or glasses of virtual reality, though also other devices exist more of walk for house as the Cardboard, a few glasses of carton developed by Google with a cost of scarcely 2€. To increase the immersive sensation they have developed some elements that allow to improve the experience such as gloves or suits, specially developed to achieve a major interaction with the environment and realism sensation.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It consists of placing a layer of information superposed to the real vision captured by a technological device, such as the camera of our smartphone. Imagine that you go to the center of London, you get your cell phone, you point to the street and voilà !, you have in a second all the tourist information of the zone, the number of buses that pass or the restaurants and shops with his corresponding valuations.

The negative part is that it still is green and is habitual that has mistakes of synchronization.

Mixed Reality (MR)

It is known also as hybrid reality since it combines in real time virtual reality, augmented reality and physical reality, multiplying this way his possibilities. Thus, new spaces can be created where there interact  as virtual as real objects / persons.

It seems that it is the trend where the technological development will go in next years. Test of it is the development of specific devices for this technology, like they are the Hololens developed by Microsoft. Here we leave a video in order that you do an idea to yourselves of what is for coming …

It is difficult to say if it will be the virtual reality, the augmented or the mixed the one that will end up by imposed in next years. What is clear is that our way of interacting with the reality and the fiction is going to change radically. Some risk people compare it with the radical change that supposed the irruption of the smartphones in our lives. There are other persons who go beyond and speak about the second digital revolution like we live with the Internet arrival. In any case, if you are a lover of new technologies you have to follow very closely these advances. Here, we will tell you.

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