Isostopy will be present in the Movistar 360 Barcelona VR Fest
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Movistar 360 Barcelona VR Fest

This weekend we have a trip! We will be in Barcelona, in the Movistar 360 VR Fest, the first festival of Virtual Reality cinema celebrated in Spain. The event will take place in the Arts Santa Mónica, Ramblas´ zone , in full heart of the city, on the 24th and 25th of February.

Isostopy will take place emphasized in this evening party. First of all, we will realize a workshop on RV where we will show one of our last projects, the Virtual Temple, an experience in which the virtual architecture and well-being give themselves the hand. A trip to a world in which the meditation will be your guide across different spaces that immerse you in an oneiric environment, in that reality is dissolved little by little while you explore other universes. Here we will be between 11:00 am and 13:30 pm .

Movistar VR 360 Fest

Later, our CEO, Javier Escorihuela, will give a conference about the current situation and the challenges of future which there faces the sector VR. It is not because we say it, but it will be frankly interesting.

If you are from Barcelona or you will be those day in the city you should not get lost 360 VR Fest; in a few years you will be able to say ” I was there; I went to the Woodstock of Spanish Virtual  Reality “. See you there!

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