New Samsung Gear [2017] with controls
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Next April there will go out to the sale the new edition of the Samsung Gear VR, with some important innovations, and if we attend to the success of sale of the previous models, we are sure that it will give much that to talk.

The South Korean brand has been presented recently his last model of Smartphone, the powerful Galaxy S8, destined to make forget to the unsuccessful one Note7 and his problem with the explosive batteries, and they have not wanted to fail to take advantage of the media pull to remember that his bet for the virtual reality continues being priority in his strategy of business, announcing also his last glasses VR compatible with S8 and S8 Plus.

The same aspect, new sensations

The Samsung Gear VR [2017] is physically like his predecessors, but they include an innovative element: a new remote control that counts with touch pad for the movement, a trigger to select and adjust the audio, besides a button to go back and other one to beginning.

Quite conceived in a very intuitive way to facilitate sailing on the virtual world.

Now we will be able to select, to gather and to put down objects, and even to press the trigger during the game. Undoubtedly an important step not to be behind of Oculus or HTC, which already possess similar controls to improve the experience in his devices.

The connection with the new Gear it is realizes route bluetooth, though it will belong also compatible with previous models with a simple update. Since important detail it is necessary to emphasize the accelerometer and gyroscope that the control incorporates, something that will allow a more realistic and deep interaction.

Though physically the glasses do not change, Samsung detailed that also there will be some important updates in his software. The principal one is the new browser Oculus, who will be capable of transmitting videos in 360 degrees, as well as to visualize interactive contents.

The new Gear VR will go out to the sale in United States on April 21 with a cost of 130 dollars, whereas the control, which will sell of independent form, will cost 40$.

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