Masters, courses and workshops

 At Isostopy we are committed to quality training in virtual and augmented reality. For this reason we collaborate with teaching centers, schools and institutions of reference, where we teach masters, courses, workshops and seminars


This Virtual Reality online master is focused on learning the tools, processes and methodologies used for the development of professional experiences in virtual reality. Once completed, you will have advanced knowledge that will allow you to create interactive applications for any type of device. You will become an Expert in VR!

More information and reservations: Editeca

Virtual reality, augmented and mixed. With this course we will learn from scratch the tools and techniques that allow us to start using this technology and create projects for devices such as computer, smartphone or tablet.
Through extended reality we can create virtual worlds and develop work tools for different fields such as architecture, engineering, marketing, medicine, etc.

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to be able to create their own virtual worlds and professionals who seek to apply this tool in their field of work. The course is accessible to all audiences and does not require any prior knowledge.

More information and reservations: La Casa Encendida


This workshop is focused on the development of a small piece of video in 360º, which can be visualized using VR devices and published on YouTube and Facebook.
For their development students will learn the necessary recording techniques and the new narrative resources needed to create 360º videos. After completing the course the student will have a basic knowledge about creating spherical videos.

More information and reservations: La Casa Encendida


In our You Tube channel you will find numerous free video tutorials on techniques and tools of virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as introductions to the most outstanding programs for the development of professional applications: Unity, Unreal Engine, Augment, Roundme, Street View, Autodesk A360 and many more.

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